100% Custom Epoxy Finishes

100% Custom Epoxy Finishes

100% Custom Epoxy Finishes100% Custom Epoxy Finishes100% Custom Epoxy Finishes

We Can't Wait to Meet You!

We Love Our Customers! We are often busy helping our Keys Neighbors realize their Dream Surfaces, so are mostly in the shop by appointment. 

If you swing by and don't see one of our logo vehicles on the side of the building, please give us a ring OR schedule a free consult here on the website!  

Sundays and Mondays are Date Day for Don & Lisa <3

30945 Avenue A, Unit A, Big Pine Key, FL 33043

(305) 985-6777

Custom Epoxy Finishes • Your Style, Your Way

Why Choose Dream Surface?

Custom Bathroom Marble Floor and Marble Walls

The difference between Ordinary and Extraordinary is that little "Extra".  Our Artists and Certified Installers strive to exceed your expectations. And, yes... they actually show up when scheduled. 

We are the exclusive Diamond Coat™ dealer in the lower Keys, the top quality Epoxy Product offering on the market. A timeless, beautiful and durable solution at an affordable price. 

In short, you get to have your Key Lime Pie... and eat it too! 

The most durable, heat resistant, and longest lasting Epoxy Solution on the market!

We exclusively pour Diamond Coat™ Countertop Epoxy, a 100% solids and Zero VOC formulated epoxy that is applied at 100 mils or thicker, and is both heat resistant to 500F (260C) and UV resistant, and suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Made in the USA, this epoxy is unlike any other epoxy on the market today. Most other epoxies are only 5 mils thick and prone to peeling and fading. Your fully cured Dream Surface will last a lifetime without peeling, breaking, or fading and is the most resistant epoxy on the market to scratching and yellowing. Diamond Coat™ can be poured in your home with no odor and no harmful evaporative chemicals and your surfaces are ready for light use in 2 days, and normal use in 5 days. Full cure occurs in about 3 weeks (heavy objects will no longer “dent” the healing epoxy).


Endless design and color choices for the same price. Match your home’s interior with many different color combinations. Our talented artists can Create any natural (or unnatural) stone pattern or anything you (or we) can Dream up!


Heat resistant up to 500F degrees (260C), five times stronger than concrete, and impact resistant to 15,000 psi (you can drop something heavy on the surface and it will not fracture). 



Rock hard, seamless and non-porous Dream Surfaces will not retain bacteria, yeast, fungi or other microorganisms, and are stain-free, easy to clean and great to cook and eat on.


Highest UV resistance in the industry;  resistant to fading and yellowing that occurs with many other brands in direct sun exposure, making it a perfect choice for sunny inside areas and outdoor bars, tables and other surfaces.

*HEAT RESISTANCE NOTE: It is advised, with a dominantly white coating, to take extra caution with direct heat, including slow-cookers, pressure cookers, or anything that might produce direct heat to the surface for longer periods of time... we recommend using a hot pad for extra protection to prevent any discoloring.

Endless Product Applications


We can Match Any Interior & Exterior Décor on Your:  

  • Bar Tops
  • Counter Tops
  • Sinks 
  • Table Tops 
  • Interior Floors
  • Shower Walls & Floors
  • Garage Floors
  • Industrial Floors
  • Retail Showroom Floors
  • Driveways
  • Pool Decks 
  • Cement Patios
  • And So Much More

Benefits of Diamond Coat™ Products:


We Also Work Directly with You to Create Beautiful Custom:

  • Custom River Tables of Any Size 
  • Custom Coffee and Side Tables
  • Custom Dining Tables
  • Canvas Artwork
  • Hanging "Stained Glass" look Art and Partitions
  • Interior or Exterior Bartops
  • Cheese Board Gift Sets
  • Lazy Susans
  • Mirror Frames ... and More!