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Local Big Pine Long Time Residents

Lisa & Donnie


Lisa & Donnie became Florida Keys residents in 2011. As they are both avid golfers and fishermen, they retired here, managing several successful family-owned business interests remotely, grateful for the hard work of their family partners and loyal employees that allowed them to enjoy island life that is unique to the Keys. Following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Lisa & Donnie began searching for cost-effective solutions they could offer to homeowners and business owners that needed affordable resurfacing for floors, patios and counter tops. Several months of research and loads of product testing later, they chose the incredible Diamond Coat™ Epoxy Product Line.  They firmly believe in providing only top quality solutions.... ones they could and would stand behind 100%.  A trip to the manufacturer in Colorado for their product training sealed the deal.  Monroe County COC licensed and insured, you can be confident that they will provide amazing solutions for you and your home or business.